Two-Way Radios

Two-Way Radios

Communication Radios for the Healthcare, Hospitality, Education, and Government Industries

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Handheld two-way radios are an important tool for communication, especially in remote or difficult-to-access areas. At BES “The Preferred Source”, we are committed to providing key industries — including the healthcare, hospitality, education, and government industries — with high-quality technology and equipment, including some of the best two-way radios on the market! Through our online store, 2 Way Radio Direct, we have a selection of Motorola communication radios. Learn more about the benefit of handheld two-way radios and how BES "The Preferred Source" can help your industry today!

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What Is Two-Way Radio Communication?

Two-way radio communication, also known as push-to-talk (PTT) communication, is a type of radio communication in which different parties can communicate with each other. In order for two-way radio communication to work, both parties must have a handheld two-way radio that is tuned to the same radio frequency.

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Versatile Technology

Two-way radio communication can be used in a variety of situations, such as:

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Event coordination

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Emergency response

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Maintenance & repair

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Two-Way Radio Communication for the Healthcare Industry

For healthcare workers, patient care is the top priority. That’s why handheld two-way radios can be such a valuable asset in healthcare settings! With handheld two-way radios, nurses and doctors can easily and quickly communicate with each other to provide the best possible care for patients. Beyond that, two-way radio communication can be used for a variety of tasks in the healthcare industry, such as:

  • Updating patients’ families on their loved ones’ condition

  • Providing quick, prompt service to patients

  • Requesting supplies or equipment from other parts of the hospital

  • Coordinating crucial administrative tasks

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Two-Way Radio Communication for the Hospitality Industry

In the hospitality industry, providing excellent customer service is key to success — and handheld two-way radios can help make that happen! Change the way you:

  • Communicate between the front desk and housekeeping

  • Coordinate restaurant staff, vendors, room service, and more

  • Manage day-to-day tasks

  • Efficiently Handle guest requests

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Two-Way Radio Communication for the Education Industry

From coordinating school events to keeping students safe, two-way radio communication can be a valuable asset for any educational institution. Handheld radio communication can also be used for a variety of tasks in the education industry, such as:

  • Responding to emergencies

  • Communicating between the office and teachers

  • Coordinating after-school activities

  • Monitoring hallways, classrooms, and playgrounds

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Two-Way Radio Communication for Governmental Institutions

From coordinating disaster response to monitoring public events, handheld two-way radios can play a valuable role for any government institution. Two-way radio communication can be used to help:

  • Communicate between different government agencies

  • Direct traffic

  • Keep the community safe

  • Coordinate emergency response

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Refine Your Industry With Two-Way Radio Communication

BES "The Preferred Source" is your go-to partner for two-way radio communication needs! We have a wide selection of handheld two-way radios perfect for any industry, including healthcare, hospitality, education, and government. Get in touch with our team today and head over to 2 Way Radio Direct to find the best two-way radios for you!

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