Hospitality Technology & Equipment

Hospitality Technology & Equipment

At BES, we are “The Preferred Source” for hospitality technology products. We pride ourselves on being one of the nation’s leading suppliers of packaged terminal air conditioners (PTAC), through-the-wall and room air conditioners, audio-visual equipment, in-room appliances, and ice machines to the lodging industry.

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Audio Visual Products, Hotel TVs

When it comes to audio-visual products for your guest rooms, lobby, conference and meeting rooms, or digital signage, BES is your “Preferred Source” for this technology. Nothing will create the feeling of a luxury stay like high-quality technology in your lodging. Our extensive product line consists of the leading manufacturers and their top products, all of which are sure to blow your guests away.

new hotel TV

BES “The Preferred Source”

We will provide your property with our commercial in-room high-definition televisions that are the best on the market, from LG, Philips, and Samsung. LG hospitality TVs are top-of-the-line in terms of performance and display. Our projectors, from recognizable companies such as Optoma, Casio, NEC LCD, and DLP, will create streamlined viewing experiences for your guests. Not only do we offer high-quality technology options, but we also will provide trustworthy mounting brackets from brands such as Crimson AV and Peerless Audio Visual Mounting Brackets.

If your property does not already have pay-per-view systems in place, we will provide an affordable solution for you! For your LED HDTV requirements, we partner with quality brands such as Sharp, Philips, Toshiba, and more!

Regarding audio-visual systems in your lodging property, you will want only the best quality and most trustworthy brands. At BES, we can provide you with multimedia technology that is sure to bring your property up to speed with the latest in hospitality technology.

hotel AC unit

Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps, Hotel HVAC Units

As the leading hospitality technology supplier, you can trust that our hotel HVAC units are the best of the best. We carry only the top brand of packaged terminal air conditioners and heat pump units in the country: Amana’s “DigiSmart” PTAC and Room Air Conditioner. These PTAC units will reduce operating costs and keep your guests comfortable during their stay!

hotel room with new appliances

Appliances and Ice Machines

When your guests arrive at your lodging property, they will surely expect their room to be stocked with high-quality and sleek-looking appliances. At BES, you can find appliances that will not only match your property's look — but elevate it! As the leading hospitality technology provider, we keep with our tradition of providing the best products when it comes to our line of appliances and ice machines.

We provide a complete line of in-room refrigerators, wine coolers, microwave ovens, and minibars from leading brands like Danby and MicroFridge. You can trust that these appliances will make your guests happy for years to come.

Hotel ice machines and ice dispensers are non-negotiable when it comes to appliances for your lodging property. Our ice machines are second to none, coming from leading manufacturer Scotsman, and we can provide ice machines for any size property.

Two-Way Radio Communication

For the hospitality industry, two-way radio communications systems are essential to keep your property operations smooth and timely. Outdated and low-quality radio systems can hinder the lodging experience for staff and guests alike. As a trusted hospitality technology supplier, BES has partnered with the leading manufacturer of two-way radios, Motorola.

two way radio

Highest-quality technology

Unlike our competitors, who sell multiple brands of radio systems, we have committed to offering only the original Motorola business two-way radios and accessories to show our passion for supplying the highest-quality hospitality technology. We aim to provide you with the best service and the lowest prices available. Visit our online store to browse our top-featured Motorola radios.

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Create the Ultimate Lodging Experience

BES, “The Preferred Source,” is committed to supplying you with the highest quality products, the lowest prices, and industry-leading personal service that you need to create the ultimate lodging experience for your guests. BES offers only the best hospitality technology, including AV equipment, multimedia technology, hotel TVs, HVAC equipment, and two-way radios.

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